Exterior Fiberglass French Door Primer

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Cynthia asked 9 years ago

The fiberglass french doors have been factory primed, but they suggest using a primer made for use with polypropylene and finish with an exterior grade acrylic latex paint.

1) What type (brand)primer can I purchase that will also be mildew resistant?
2) Can this same primer be used on the interior side of the doors also?

3 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

A great primer for this application is Zinsser 123 acrylic primer and it can be used for the interior as well. Another primer to try is Gripper. It is also 100% acrylic.

Anonymous answered.

Can't find Zinsser 123 acrylic primer or Gripper primer on the internet.

Anonymous answered.

Go to your local paint store. You can also try your local hardware store. Zinsser 123 is quite common, Gripper less so. You should be able to find it locally.