Exterior Front Door

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I want to repaint my front door black. Should it be high gloss or semi gloss. Also, there are so many blacks available what is a designers choice.

My brick is light neutral reclaimed brick.

3 Answers
M.A.C. Painting answered.

Well it really depends on you. And what types of gloss surround it, I would recommend semi gloss or satin. And designers choice is just another word for Pay more money. find the black that looks good and feels right then I recommend getting it in a Sherwin Williams Duration if you are using latex.

Thank you
Adam Cavenagh

Crowder Painting answered.

Semi-gloss will be a bit more color stable. Be warned, dark colors will fade faster plus a dark door will get very hot when it is in the sun. This could have dramatic damaging affects on a door if there is a storm door installed.

I agree that there are so many types of black. For a more neutral black try out a carbon black. This black is more true compared to the others. Always do a color sample, on poster board or cardboard, before going for it.

Anonymous answered.

I really wanted a high gloss black door….what I found out is that, because it gets a TON of sun, it bubbled – ALOT. So, consider the sun if you are painting black.