Exterior Home Paint Colours

Jen Jackson asked 10 years ago

I am in the process of selecting paint to redo the outside walls of my home. The roof is grey (zinc), I am thinking of using burnt orange with light cream trim and wondered what would be the best colour to give the door a punch.

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

Be careful with burnt orange on the house. It often looks outdated and/or awful, so get another eye on it. More interesting would be to go with a lighter grey (than the roof) for the walls of your house with a brighter orange door as an accent. If you do go with your current scheme and you want the door to stand out, even black would do so without being too zany. For something more out there, go with a shade of green that's sort of a matte lime or slightly darker.

Anonymous answered.

Light green may give attention for your door.