Exterior mahogany door refinishing.

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Quazi Islam asked 10 years ago

The door is exposed to direct sunlight and occasional rain during the storm. It was stained and sealed about five years ago. The protection has peeled off, and there are narrow cracks in areas exposed to sunlight. I like to paint the outside of the door white rather than staining to reduce the burden of frequent maintenance. I’ve sanded some exposed portion well with a rotary sander, and hand sanded (not so well) the trim. The areas (upper portion) not exposed to direct sunlight, and exposed to less rain, lost the mahogany stain color but the protective layer is holding. Is it possible to prime and then paint in white without sanding or chemical stripping? What is the downside? I have white paint on the other four exterior doors, and they have not required repainting the last seven years.

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MagicDave answered.

Yes… go ahead after you repair those cracks with spackle… and prime the surfaces with Oil Base Exterior Primer… might need 2 coats… then finish coat with a High Grade Exterior Semi or Gloss (or even Satin) Paint like Sherwin Williams A-100 …