Exterior paint and primer suggestions.

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Steve asked 10 years ago

I am painting the exterior of my Mediterranean style home, and particularly the perimeter smooth stucco walls. The walls were previously painted with elastomeric paint. That’s proved to be a problem since the walls get a lot of moisture penetration from the back of the walls where the gardens are. The elastomeric paint just held back the moisture and caused cracking, blistering and peeling of the stucco. We now have a lot of patching and repainting to do. What would be the best type of primer and paint to use that would both be highly permeable and not seal in the moisture?
Also, I will be repainting wrought iron gates and fences. What is a good rust inhibiting primer to use and what enamel paint (black) can I use with a flat or low luster sheen?

I will likely use SH products unless you feel something is better, so any SH or other specific product suggestions is appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your expert advice.

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MagicDave answered.

After preparing the stucco, use a Sherwin Williams Masonry Acrylic Primer… then top coat with Sherwin Williams A-100 (use a FLAT Finish for stucco)…

Clean off the rust on your iron work, using steel wool, then spot prime it LOCALLY with an Exterior Oil Base Primer where you had rust… then finish coat all with an Exterior Oil Base Paint (use a semi gloss or satin finish for iron, NOT Flat)… [using "enamel" is not required or advised here… ie the term "enamel" simply means paint that hardens to a higher degree than regular paint… used for other applications but not for iron work here] For best results always use Sherwin Williams Products… Good Luck!