Exterior Paint Chips Off Easily

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Chris asked 10 years ago

I had my exterior re-painted one year ago. The house looks great, but when I bump against it with anything (broom handle, hose spray tip, outdoor furniture, even a strong nick with a thumb nail!) it will chip and you see old color. It was dark red (maroon) and is know a light khaki color. The contractor used Kelly Moore paint, which I think is a good brand…..It was a two coat paint job, but I am suspicious that they watered the paint down or something, any prof. input would be appreciated.

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

Dependent upon how old the original paint was, the condition you describe is common when a latex coating is applied over an alkyd coating without proper preparation.

If this is the case, your probable best course of action is to pressure wash off the new coat(s), prime with a "bonding primer" and repaint. In any case I would suggest you stop by the Kelly Moore dealer and ask them to check your siding and offer their input.