Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

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Susan asked 10 years ago

I need help to choose color to paint my house exterior. My roof is charcoal grey and bricks are red.

What color should I choose for my aluminum sidings, trims, window shutters, garage door and front door?

I was planning to use red for trims, shutters, garage door and white for sidings and front door. Will these colors give a good visual for the house?

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Anonymous answered.

I think the color scheme will go nicely together. Just make sure that the red you get for the trim is the same color as the bricks. Also, my aunt and uncle have a brick house with some siding on it that is cream colored, if you want another option to consider.

Anonymous answered.

I would agree with your recommendation of red for trim and shutters, but I would expand that to include a red front door – bright pops of color for a front door are very in right now. I do not agree with the red for the garage door – that is too much red. The garage door should match the siding, of which white is a sound color.