Exterior Painting and Testing for 2 Coats

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MARK asked 10 years ago

I have new construction and contracted to have 2 coats on the exterior of my house. I don’t think there has been 2 coats applied. Is there any way to test for 2 coats?

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M.A.C. Painting answered.

Well Mark, our first questions are important here. Mind you there is no way to tell 100% if there is two coats. What paint was used for the exterior? Is there spots that are light and you can see the old coating through the paint? How was it applied? See the reason behind knowing the paint tells me what it should look like at two coats. A good paint with two coats you should not have light spots. If it was sprayed then it should be an even coat all around. But again there is no way to tell 100% if there is two coats besides peeling a section and sending to a lab. But answer these questions and maybe even send a picture. I hope this helps you. You posed a real tough question to answer.

thank you Mark
Adam & Jeremy
M.A.C. Painting
Dekalb Illinois