Faux Finish On Concrete Block Walls

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Darlene Gabbard asked 10 years ago

I have a 2000 sf room, built of block that I want to do a faux finish on. The room has been primed and painted already, but I would like to do something to make it look nicer. We are using the room as a tasting room for our winery. What type of paint should I use, and what technique would you suggest.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Acrylic paints will be the easiest to use. The tough part is trying to apply a finish without taking weeks to get it done. You will be working with a glaze/paint mixture that can be adjusted for dramatic or subtle effects.

A color wash over the existing wall paint would work and it could be applied with a roller then the excess removed with rags. This would be easy to do although labor intensive.

Another possibility is using special roller covers designed to apply a color wash. The overall look isn't as good but it's less labor intensive.