Faux finishing a concrete wall.

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Charlene asked 10 years ago

I have waterproofed by basement walls that are concrete. I would like to put a faux finish on them. Do I need to do any more prep work and what material can I use? I really didn’t want to have to use concrete or cement. Do I need to add special additives to my paint or medium I am using on the wall? Thanks

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MagicDave answered.

Faux finishing can take many many forms, and you need to decide what exactly it is that you want to achieve… some of the many faux applications are: ragging, brushing, stenciling, sponging, graining, etc.

For example, you could use your waterproof finish as the base coat… then use another color, and apply it with a sponge to give a sponge finish… then you could do a third color… applying it with steel wool to give a grain finish effect…

You should look up Faux Finishing and also Antiqueing… try Googleing for these and see what you get… Good Luck!