Finish on table is sticky.

Stephanie Greer asked 10 years ago

I have a rustic dining set that I bought at a more expensive furniture store. At some point in time the finish became sticky – so any cloth placed on the table would stick to the surface then leave an imprint in the finish. I would like to refinish this set – the top layer is coming off in strips almost like a wax, can you tell me what this is? And what did I use to cause this?

1 Answers
JT Creations, LLC answered.

Stephanie, I will urge you to find a furniture refinisher or three in your area and ask them for their advice. I doubt strongly that you have done any thing to cause the situation. My experience is the finish on your table has broken down for what ever reason and needs to be removed. This is not a death sentence and in many situations can be achieved with out stripping all the finish from the entire table.