First coat of stain to thick/uneven.

Leona asked 10 years ago

I put on my first coat of oil stain and my coat is very uneven and very thick in areas. It isn’t sticky or gummy it is completely dry, however in the thick areas it looks like I have painted it instead of stained. I really like the look of the thick areas as well as the thinner area, however I am afraid that the thicker coats are going to cause me a problem further into the process. I have already tried to use naphtha to rub some off but, it didn’t work at all. I started with bare wood that I had sanded the old finish off of and applied gel stain then the thinner oil stain. Should I sand off some of the thicker areas? Does anyone have any suggests.

1 Answers
JT Creations, LLC answered.

As stain is not intended to adhere as much as it is intended to.. well… stain, I too have a concern of later problems.

Having stated that, if you have used naphtha and the residue is neither sticky nor gummy, varnish away. You will probably notice an uneven feel in the finished product though.