Fixing Drywall Texture After Painting

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Kim asked 10 years ago

We just finished painting our new drywall and have discovered that the texture is not uniform across the walls, with isolated areas that stand out from the rest of the wall, making it look unfinished. What can we do to blend in these areas without repainting the entire surface all over again?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Unfortunately, this is a problem with the applied texture not the paint. The affected areas can be retextured then repainted. This is problematic. There is a possibility that the areas with new texture will now stand out after painting.

I have seen drywallers that could blend any texture, but this does take a lot of skill and effort. An entire room doesn't need retexuring. It is possible than only 1 or 2 walls are effected. In this case, only these walls require repainting.