Scott Leany asked 10 years ago

I had professional drywall finishers finish my house. But after priming with Zinsser 123 bulls eye and two coats of Behr eggshell paint all seams are showing threw. The Behr reps say its the primer. What do you think? Note; the primer was sprayed on no back roll.

2 Answers

When it comes to Behr paint, it has a lot of issues, such as flashing, bleed through and many other things. Even if the primer was back rolled, you still would have had this issue with Behr paint.

The only way to deal with this is to reprime and repaint with Columbia Paint or Benjamin Moore. As you have found out this is why most painting contractors will not use Behr paint.

Anonymous answered.

It's the Behr paint. I used to work for Masco who owns Behr. Happened every time I painted a house with Behr. This is the worst paint to use, make them give you a refund and go to a real paint store.