Foundation, deck, door and shutter colors?

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Tanya Akers asked 10 years ago

My house has clay color siding with a black roof, front door is white and shutters are dark green. I would like to paint the foundation, deck, doors and shutters to coordinate with the siding color. Which colors would work best?

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Anonymous answered.

A good color choice for you would be a dark brown. This would go along nicely with your clay colored house parts. OF course, you could go with dark green all around, as this is one of my favorite colors.

Anonymous answered.

I think you should go with a dark blue. Blue and green always go well together. And a dark blue wouldn't clash or be too bright that it would hurt the eyes. It's subtle and will be very pretty with the green. Another color you could go with is a dark gray which would help the other colors stand out more without taking away much of the attention from them.