Front door and trim color for dark brown house?

Anonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

What color should I paint the front door and trim on a large dark brown colonial style house with a dark brown roof in a woody setting? Right now trim is brown and door is orange. Also considering adding shutters. Should they match the trim?

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Anonymous Staff answered 7 years ago

The shutters should match the trim. With a brown exterior I would stick to autumn colors, maybe deep mustard for the door and paint the trim and shutters an old gold color.

Anonymous Staff answered 7 years ago

Definitely change the orange door. I'm picturing a reverse pumpkin effect. Red would be a great complimentary color to dark brown. Another option, since you're in a woody setting, would be to use a dark green.

Anonymous Staff answered 7 years ago

You could use a creamy white trim paint and a nice burgundy brown on shutters and front door. Accent colors for doors and shutters should not match the trim. That is why they are called accents. Your garage doors should also match the body color so they blend in rather than being a focal point.

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