Front door color.

Linda asked 10 years ago

My house is a beige color with a mocha brown trim. The front door is stained wood and I want to paint it. Not sure what color? Brick red? Burgundy? Forest Green? Not sure what will go best with the trim.

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

A vivid red would compliment your house nicely – giving it a clean look – also making the front door the central focus point. If you aren't overly keen on a vivid red a dark crimson color would be attractive and complimentary.

Anonymous answered.

Go with a color that compliments the wooden aspect of the door. Look for a mocha color and see if you like it. The mocha color would compliment the outside trim of your house. Also it is one of the darker more neutral colors. See also how a brown or tan color would look. Try to avoid bright vivid color on stained wood.