Full vs spot priming; spray brush and roll or just brush and roll?

Jaimee Staff asked 4 years ago

There is $1000 difference between two quotes I received on a paint job. Company #1 spot primes and sprays paint on, followed by a brush and roll. Company #2 does a full primer coat followed by a full finish coat using only brush and roll, but is $1000 more expensive. Which would you choose?

2 Answers
crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

You have two painters that have different methods. If I understand you correctly; company #1 will spray the siding plus brush and roll the trim with scrape and prime where necessary, while company #2 with scrape and prime everything plus brush and roll the entire home.

I like company #2. Their methods will last longer than "blow & go". Another way to do it is prime everything (if needed) and spray 2 coats of paint on the siding and soffits with the first coat <a href="https://www.house-painting-info.com/back-rolling.html">back rolled</a>. The primer can also be back rolled for better adhesion. The rolling will push the primer or paint into surface cracks and nail heads, producing a better seal. Trim is almost always brushed.

I also like the idea of two coats on everything. The need for a full prime coat depends on your homes condition, but two coats are always better than one.

Anonymous Staff answered 5 years ago

It depend on the condition if you spot prime or full. Any professional should have a sprayer. Spray on and back roll. To roll only takes time and time is money you pay to them. I own a paint company and I wont scam you on time an roll and take twice as long.