Garage door paint sticking to weather stripping??

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Kathleen Collins asked 5 years ago

My garage door was painted several years ago by my HOA.  The paint peeled immediately and they came and repainted.  Since then, the weather stripping sticks to the paint, especially in warmer weather, making the garage door jerk and shake when I use the opener.  The HOA recently repainted the door and replaced the weather stripping but now it sticks worse than before.  It’s like the paint stays sticky and never cures.  I don’t know what brand of paint was used but I do know the most recent paint was not the same brand as the original.  No one can seem to figure this out and I’m not able to use the door since it jerks so much I’m afraid it will damage the opener.

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MagicDave answered.

Try coating the weather stripping with a light coat of vaseline…