Gel stain won't dry?

Tracy asked 9 years ago

My fiberglass door had been painted with what appears to be acrylic latex (?). I lightly sanded, washed with TSP, then wiped down the door with denatured alcohol. I used a very thin coat of Behr interior/exterior latex paint plus primer in a neutral beige, then did a fairly thick coat of Minwax gel stain to top it off. The door looks great, but it has been 12 + hours and the door is still not dry. When I touch it, there are fingerprint marks. Help!

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

It takes 16-24 hours for gel stain to dry. A very thick application could take longer. The dry time is also dependent on temperature and humidity. Give it time to fully dry before applying a clear finish for protection.

Anonymous answered.

It's not drying because gel stain doesn't go on top of acrylic latex!! Latex is water base paint and the gel stain is oil base therefore, it doesn't bond together!!