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Julie-Ann asked 10 years ago

I’d like to ask your advice on choosing the right color paint for my home. To give you an idea, my home is mostly an open plan. It has a lot of windows so it’s quite bright and the ceiling is very high up. My furniture is medium to dark brown in color. My problem is how can I pick the right color to blend in and bring everything together perfectly.

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Craig answered.

Choosing the perfect color can be very difficult. It would be helpful if I could ask a few questions. Such as;

1) Do you have carpet or hardwood floors?
2) What color are your floors?
3) Is the trim painted or stained?
4) What color is the trim?
5) Do you prefer warm or cool colors?
6) What is your design style, contemporary, country or modern?

As you can see there are many things to consider in choosing paint colors for your home. It is also helpful to look at your art, throw pillows and accent rugs. Do you want the walls to be a neutral color perhaps following a monochromatic color scheme or do you want to make a bold statement and use bright or deep shades?

I prefer the monochromatic color scheme in neutral colors and adding bursts of color with art, fabrics and accent walls. Since you have an open floor plan and high ceilings, dark shades can be used. Make sure to use color samples so you can see the color in different lighting and at different angles.

Also try looking at design magazines, as these might be able to give you some ideas and inspiration in <a href=""&gt; choosing that right paint color</a>.