Gloss paint on bed frame not bonded-help!

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I stupidly thought I could paint my daughters pine loft bed with white gloss without needing an undercoat/primer as it’s not untreated wood, it has a factory applied matte varnish type surface. I’m horrified after painting it in white 1 coat of gloss that its just scratching off with my finger nail and hasn’t bonded! Everything I’m reading is leading to me needing to scrape the gloss paint off and start again but as the tiny room is only a foot longer than the bed which was horrific to put together and I’m having to work in a cramped area, unless I take down the bed again. I’m really not happy to have to sand the bed and am wondering if there’s any way to sort out this mess without having to take off all my hard work?

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