Green Roof Red Brick House

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Our home is red brick (rust red) and has a green roof (forest green). What colors would you recommend we paint the exterior window trim, window headers, window sills and shutters? Also, what color would you recommend for the trim of the exterior steel storm door and wood interior door?

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Anonymous answered.

I would use a dark white, almost a cream color. I feel that would help bring the house to life and really make the colors pop and stand out. I really hope you find the right color an your home turns out beautiful.

Anonymous answered.

Colour of exterior window trim,window sills and shutters should be green same as roof.And the trim of the exterior steel storm door and wood front door should be coloured in dark brown colour.

Anonymous answered.

Paint exterior window trim with brown wooden colour, window headers with polished shiny wooden light brown colour, window sills with sky blue very light in shaded colour and shutters with silver colours. Paint exterior steel storm door with silver colour or golden colour and wood front door with shiny brown wooden colour. Really its look awesome and fantastic on our home…