Grey paint for bedroom.

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I love the idea of decorating our master bedroom with greys, creams, glass. But I don’t want the room to look cold. Is there such a color of grey that can be a warm color?

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Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore is a great grey color. It is light enough so furniture and decor is easy to pair it with, but has a dark enough hue so it is seen.

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Absolutely! Grey is not necessarily a cool color. There are so many different greys available, you will just need to chose one with warm tones in it. It will also be affected by colors it is paired with so get out those paint samples, buy small tester sized paints and get painting. I think grey and creams can work very well together and have seen this combination on many design sites I visit. Definitely not cold looking. I would say more classic and chic than anything else. Good luck!

Grey is becoming ever more popular.
As grey is a neutral colour, in most forms it is what would be considered a warm colour I've added a picture of a recent project my company Save on Painting Co has completed. Also with grey colour.

The colour grey also goes well with many other combination's.

I've got a 7 min video on my website covering all the upcoming colour design trend for 2011 the link for that is : //

hope this inspires!