Hardie Plank Paint Color

Lynn asked 10 years ago

We have a Kelly green metal roof on our home and are currently installing Hardie Plank Siding to replace the old greyish vinyl siding. We are in a debate as to what color to paint our new siding.

We have used a cream colored trim, (no shutters); & the front door is burgundy; we are leaning towards a medium green shade, rather than a medium tan brown. What do you think? When is too much Green, too much ?

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

I think that if the green is getting too close to the color of the metal roof, then that would be too much green. I think that a deeper green would be complement the cream color well. I also wonder if an earthy darker tan brown would complement the cream colored trim.

Anonymous answered.

The Medium tan brown will offer good contrast with the Kelly green, but going with different shades of green can coordinate extremely well. All green also would be much more unique.