Hawaii Exterior Colors for House Sell

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Earl asked 10 years ago

What would be the best colors for selling our house on Big island Hawaii? Roof is reddish brown.

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Anonymous answered.

I would paint the exterior of the house beige and change the color of the trim to white. The beige would make the house stand out and blend in with the roof. The light blue trim would need to be painted white to outline differences between the roofline and the porch. The deck should be stripped and stained along with the fence to its natural color. If the owner didn't want to strip the porch, I'd paint it while along with the fence.

Anonymous answered.

Light sky blue color is best because it gives a good look to our eyes, it will provide feel of good light in the room as well as it reflect the light and broom become more brighter.

Anonymous answered.

I would choose like a burnt orange color, because I believe that would not only look nice on the house (with the roof color), but would also help the house to stand out among other houses.