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Debbie asked 9 years ago

When getting your exterior house painted, are the gutters around the house typically included in the painting costs and do most painters paint the gutters(to match the trim)? Or, is this extra? We are having a painter do our house exterior and he does not include the casing around the windows or the gutters as part of the job. Is this standard?

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Crowder Painting answered.

There doesn't seem to be a standard in this industry. When I bid a job I include all painted surfaces unless advised by the homeowner not too. This includes all gutters, downspouts and window casings/trim.

I do advise my customers to keep factory finished gutters, in good shape, unpainted as this is the best finish. When gutters are painted, they are painted the trim color, along with the fascia boards, and the down spots match the surface they are attached too.

Have the painter re-figure the costs with the added gutters and window trim. Get the new proposal in writing then make a decision if this is the person you want.