Hollow circular tan/brown spots on ceiling beams.

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Charles Lawrence asked 10 years ago

Our house was built in 1911 and have lived in it for 1&1/2 years. The dining room has a beamed ceiling and just noticed for the first time 5 or 6 circular and hollow tan/brownish spots on the wood beams. About the size of a half dollar. The tan coloring is apprx. 1/2 thick and is almost a complete circle. Do not feel wet, but the spots have an ever so slight sticky feel to them. The interior of house was totally repainted prior to our having purchased and moving in, so the paint is no more than 2 years old. These spots just appeared. Any ideas as to what they are or caused by and how to correct??? Thanks

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M.A.C. Painting answered.

Well, I could be wrong but it sounds like cigarette smoke with high humidity. This will cause the nicotine to collect into water like droplets and the the water evaporates. Try washing with TSP and priming and painting a coat. If this is not it then I would need to see a picture of it.

Thank you,
Adam Cavenagh

Anonymous answered.

I painted my ceiling beams white that were previously dark brown. The circles you are talking about are from tannins in the wood seeping through. It was very difficult to paint my beams. I didn't realize what kind of work I was in for..haha. But it was a learning experience. The best paint for wood like this is an oil based paint. It adheres much better and prevents less seepage.(sorry if spelled wrong}. A good primer like Zinsser Bullseye 123 paint for all surfaces works really well before the top coat.. The circles are exactly what I experienced after I primed and painted before using oil base. So much work! Live and learn!! lol..