Horrible contractor.

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Drew asked 10 years ago

I hired a painting contractor to paint the interior of my home and refinish the scratches on my kitchen cabinets. He did a horrible job, I can see the old paint color in some areas of the home and the paint color doesn’t match the one I picked. I think the old paint is bleeding threw. I also have trim colors overlapping on the wall color and wall color overlapping on the trim. I have given the contractor an opportunity to come in and fix his work but I still have the same problems. His idea of refinishing my cabinets was to use a stain pen that doesn’t even match my original cabinet color. How can I proceed from here? Should I hire a lawyer? The contractor is now trying to get payment from me.

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Anonymous answered.

What did the contractor promise? What is on the contract? If good work was promised and this is what you got then a lawyer might be a good idea. Do not pay until you see a lawyer.