How are all you painters surviving this economy?

Questions & AnswersHow are all you painters surviving this economy?
Dennis asked 6 years ago

I own a painting company in central Florida and I’m finding it hard to survive the rapid declining economy! So I wanted to inquire with all you painters on how you’re holding up?

I miss the days when I was raking in jobs from left to right. But that’s all gone now. I’m lucky to receive 1 contract per month. Lots of painters are bidding jobs at cut throat prices just to receive the contract. Which is making it very hard for sub painters like me who can’t really afford to do a job super cheap. The reason being paint, primer, caulking, gas for the paint sprayer etc… is still at a some what high price. Not to mention the tools, paperwork, insurance, licensing etc.. you need to complete the job!

I pass out thousands of flyers and I still can’t catch a job! I’m constantly riding out my gas to find work and it’s costing me money I don’t have. I’m really scared for my business because if it keeps going like this I’ll be forced to look into other trades.

So for all you brother painters out there respond and give pointers so we fellow painters won’t have to close down our hard own businesses!!!:-)
Any suggestions on how to keep advertising and or raking in clientele?

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