How can I fix the outside corners of my walls?

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Susan asked 9 years ago

The corners of my walls have metal on them & the paint chips off. I know you can buy guards to cover the corners but I don’t want to do that on all of them. Is there some way to cover this metal so the paint will adhere? Spackling doesn’t seem to work, it doesn’t stick.

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

The metal to which you refer is called a corner bead and they are a blessing and a curse.

A blessing due to the fact that they form a corner stronger than drywall alone and must be used.

A curse due to the problem you are having. I will guess you are using the product known as "Lightwieght" or "Shrinkfree" spackling. Try the old style spackling as it always works for us. You could also purchase a quart of sheetrock mud and use that. Either should work, and try 2 coats instead of one.

Anonymous answered.

I suggest wood trim. These corners will keep getting dinged up. You can touch up painted wood trim as often as you like; much easier than the above solution (although I respect and appreciate Mr. Timmerman's knowledge).