How can I get rid of roller marks?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Paint Roller Marks and Thick PaintHow can I get rid of roller marks?
Annett asked 10 years ago

I have had paint the wall two times with a red color. I still see the roller marks, looks terrible… I started to sand the wall to see if this fix the problem, but no still the same. I don’t know what to do…

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Crowder Painting answered.

It depends on what you are seeing. Red is a very difficult color to work with. If the roller marks are light areas then it is possible that more coats are required.

If the roller marks are differences in the sheen, flatter stripes against a satin back ground, then it is either the paint or your painting technique using the roller. Rolling paint on flat non-textured walls is difficult and requires you to end each roll in the same direction.

An example is to roll a section and while it is still wet run the roller in a downward motion. This has to be done across all sections and in a consistent way. This will produce a stipple that "lays" in the same direction.

The least desirable roller marks are heavy paint lines left behind after rolling. Sanding them smooth and even with the rest of the wall is one option. Another is to use a building primer like USG First Coat rolled as above. This is a primer with a heavy consistency that will help to hide these unfortunate mistakes.

The USG First Coat and similar primers are available at drywall supply houses or possibly your local paint store. It is a wallboard primer designed for new smooth wall applications.