How do I bid a paint job?

Questions & AnswersHow do I bid a paint job?
Michael asked 8 years ago

I have just started a painting business and would like your help in determining how to estimate a job, is there a formula?

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Anonymous answered.

Thanks to all you "experienced painters" for the info. Just to confirm:

Daily rates should be between 75 and 500 dollars. If I want to charge by the room, I should ask for anywhere from 25.00 to 700.00 (since it takes anywhere from one man hour to 16 man hours). Square foot? Got it-.25 to 6.60.

If I'm still painting after 38 years like one poster claimed, I hope someone has the decency to kick me in the neck and kill me. Seems by then, I ought to be sitting in an office scheduling jobs and ordering materials, or in the field writing bids…

Crowder Painting answered.

I'm shutting down this thread. Way to long and too many are missing the point.

What I charge isn't going to be what you can charge. Why? I live in a different part of the country (prices are different), I have different clientele (generally well off), and I have a reputation (doing this for a long time).

* Newbies, you will never get the best price.

* There is no magic computer program or formula! (This goes for web pages.) Experience counts when bidding.

* By the room or sq/ft rarely works for repaints. Always go to the customers house and look at what they want done.

If you can't figure out how to bid a job then you need to continue working for someone to get the experience needed to understand what it takes to do a specific job. See if your present employer is willing to teach you how to bid a paint job. If not, then pay attention while you work!!

This thread is now closed.

PS- For those wondering, I'm the owner and webmaster of

Anonymous answered.

(ADMIN- OK 1 more but that's it!)

I don't think this is going to get posted, but I have to say, this was an awesome thread to read through!! Been painting for 18yrs or so, and learned a few things… But I especially liked the second to last post, to all the "experienced painters" !! Funny summary! And I agree, the maintenance man and the rich lady from Colorado should have just kept there thoughts to themselves. They sound like "morons" as one guy wrote. HAHAHA Thanks for the laughs everyone!!

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