How do I bid a paint job?

Questions & AnswersHow do I bid a paint job?
Michael asked 8 years ago

I have just started a painting business and would like your help in determining how to estimate a job, is there a formula?

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my paint store won't help with prices

They say it's a conflict to the other customers of theirs so I'm on my own when it comes to bidding. I just figure $150/day plus mileage for smaller jobs.

Lost a bid…too high!

I just lost out on a job for bidding too high. I did a total cost analysis including mileage @$.35/mile, paint, prep materials, masking supplies etc. It was going to COST $480 to get it done. The house was 34×34, on a hill making ladders difficult, 30ft high in front, 10ft in back. Water based stain over rough sawn timber (cheap hardware store brand) with a little repair and caulking to be done. I included powerwashing, bleaching (for mold & Mildew & tree staining) and 2 coats in the bid figuring I would have 5 days into the job. While inspecting the property the owner mentioned "I just had this painted 2 years ago!" I asked her if it was by the lowest bidder…the answer was yes.

My bid was $1420 with a 7 year repaint guarantee and the owner says she got lower bids. I told her to do what she thinks is best but you get what you pay for and thanks for the chance to bid. Did I mention the house is on a golf course? What has Wal-Mart done to our country? Do people really want a professional painter to just show up and rattle-can their homes for "$79.95 any house/any color!"??? I could run around this house in one day and cover it with paint, rip down the plastic, cash my check and run but I am not that type of contractor. Thanks for the rant folks, I feel better.

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The way I try to bid

When bidding the job I take total sq. ft. times
however many coats , then divide by the coverage rate of the paint I use. Then I multiply the cost of paint then double the total and add 10 to 15 per cent. This seem to put me in the middle of the bidders that I am competing against.

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I should move…

I am a pro painter in South Florida, and from what I'm reading I need to move.

South Florida Rates…

1) Say a 1400sqf condo w/o vaulted ceilings
2) Currently inhabited (think about moving furniture…etc.
3) Minor wall repairs

Between $800 to $1000 including premium paint.

More than that, there is no call back!

Anonymous answered.

interior walls, about 1.50 a sq.foot