How do I bid a paint job?

Questions & AnswersHow do I bid a paint job?
Michael asked 8 years ago

I have just started a painting business and would like your help in determining how to estimate a job, is there a formula?

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Commercial/New Construction

I just recently started estimating for a painting company. The best way 4 me sometimes is if u can find out the total budget of the job painting is normally 3% of the total, for instance if the job was 4.1 million I would price it $123,000.

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I just bid a job of approx. 6900 sq ft and I charged $.35 per sq ft. It is a total of 9 rooms all white ceiling and trim with just one coat. And I also figure a day per room. It is myself and my helper. I think that estimating a paint job is to combine sq ft with time and materials. Also take in to consideration the degree of difficulty in what you are painting such as stairways, moving furniture, flooring coverage etc. But I think that this the best method for my area. What do you guys think?

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For The Professional

I have been a st.lic contractor for 34 years. On residential work, if by yourself, figure how much you want lets say $350-400 a day. Lets say 1 coat same color on walls and trim on a 3 bedroom 2 bath home no ceilings should take you 3 days max. That's about $1200 plus paint. Ceilings are about $450 extra. If it takes 2 coats add 60-70% more.

First coat reduce a little and it goes fast and 2nd coat will cover great. On commercial paint jobs I charge about $68 per man hour. So if its you and 3 other workers that's about $1650 per day plus paint and equipment rentals like booms and such. This is for rates if your st. lic. insured, bonded and have workman's comp.

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Three days??? Wow, try 1.5 days for the same job. Are you taking 6 breaks a day?

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