How do I get the sq footage on a home?

Questions & AnswersHow do I get the sq footage on a home?
Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I’m offered 1.25sq foot to paint a home including materials,cabinets, ceiling. So the question is do I count windows or do I measure the floor 10×10=100sq and that is my answer or wall height 8 X 10 times two subtracting the window spaces? Thank you for you time answering the question.

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Anonymous answered.

Multiply the square footage of your room (10×10)x 3. This will give you a very close footage. Example average room will have door opening(17sq/ft) 10×10(8 high)=320, 3×100=300. This is a quick way of estimating wall footage.

Anonymous answered.

If it is a new home ask the builder how many sheets of drywall then multiply by 32 and that your sq/ft.