How do I match stain on fiberglass door and polypropylene window trim?

Linda asked 4 years ago

I have a new fiberglass door and the window trim on it is polypropylene. The stain is not covering the trim the same as the door. I have primered the trim and the door was pre-primered by manufacturer. Now I want to change the entire color on the door because it is not even close to what I want.

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

Light sanding followed by a primer then stain and varnish. Sounds easy enough and it all is…. except the color of the primer. There-in lies the challenge.

Choosing a primer color works best with experience and of course the best experience is learned. Figure out what type of wood you are trying to simulate and find a raw sample. Wet the sample and this should give you a reasonable place to begin for the primer color.

Anonymous answered.

Thanks for the answer. I actually re-stained the doors about a week ago and ended up using a tinted stain as close as I could get to the primer that was already on the fiberglass part of the door.

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