How do I Paint Ceramic Tile?

Anonymous asked 9 years ago

Can you suggest a product and tell me how to paint ceramic tile?

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Anonymous answered.

How is the grout addressed when painting tile? Do you paint over the old grout or do you paint each tile individually and try to avoid getting paint on the grout??

Crowder Painting answered.

Most of the time the grout is painted the same as the tile. But, you can paint the grout a separate color or just carefully not paint the grout. Painting just the tile and not the grout will be difficult and time consuming but it is doable.

Anonymous answered.

You can paint over the grout lines and then purchase a white paint pen from a store like A.C.Moore – that's what I did and no one would ever know that I painted the tile!

Anonymous answered.

I am really happy that I found this thread. I bought 3" tiles a clearance center paying 5 dollars for 80 in a box. I originally wanted an all white back splash but with the size I wished I could of found more in a cream/tan colour for contrast. Although I had painted set ceramic tiles with epoxy before I had not thought of pre-painting with primer and paint before setting.
I wonder if when I do the grouting the painted tiles will hold out? I can't see why not. Thank you for the input from everyone

Anonymous answered.

Great advice. Thanks.