How do I prep stained trim so I can paint over it.

Questions & AnswersCategory: Interior Trim, Windows and DoorsHow do I prep stained trim so I can paint over it.
Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I have stained trim in my house. I would like to paint the trim. What has to be done in order for the paint to stick and not peel off easily?

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Crowder Painting answered.

It all starts with a good cleaning. The amount of cleaning depends on the area, kitchen and baths should be wiped down with a mild soap and warm water.

Now some sanding is needed. A medium/fine sanding sponge works great. It can conform to the trim's profile. The idea is to roughen the surface and remove any loose finish. Once this is done, I like to wipe everything down with a liquid sander, Paso is a good product.

This is the initial preparation before priming. A good oil based primer is needed. Apply the primer and allow to dry. For a ultra smooth surface, the primer can be lightly sanded and dusted before the next phase.

Now your trim needs caulking to the adjacent surfaces. This will produce a nice finished look. The caulking is done after the primer has dried.

After all of this, the painting can finally be done.