How do I stop my books from sticking to shelves that have been painted with a latex paint?

buffer Staff asked 4 years ago

I have built a library and painted the shelves with a semi-gloss latex paint. The books and other items have been sticking to shelves leaving marks and ripping parts of the books. How do stop this from happening? Should I use a different paint?

2 Answers
crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

Latex/acrylic paints take a while to cure and harden. Typically, the curing time is between 2-4 weeks. I recommend removing all the items from the shelves, do any necessary touch up of the finish and allow a minimum of 2 weeks before putting any items back.

After 2 weeks you can check the paint by putting a heavy item on a shelf and check it the next day. If it doesn't stick, put every thing back.

All paints must cure before they are put into service.

Anonymous Staff answered 9 years ago

If above does not work….

Latex paints have varying times in their cure and in their hardness. Sometimes this ability is determined by the color chosen and the amount of pigment added. Other times it is the quality of the binder(acrylic) that holds it together.

If the previous suggestion does not work, try a coat or two of an acrylic urethane in a similar sheen. They are manufactured in very low lusters to a full gloss. I have used this many times to solve similar situations.