How do you avoid having the blue painters tape pull off your new paint?

Bobbi Staff asked 4 years ago

I have just spent the last three weeks painting the fellowship hall at my church and it looks wonderful but when I started to remove the painters tape from the door handles it pulled off some of the new paint and primer. Which required repainting. Is there a trick to removing tape and not paint? They are metal doors but I cleaned, primed, and then painted them.

1 Answers
crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

The best way is to use a sharp razor knife and carefully cut around the tape. This will leave the new uncured paint in place. The only alternative is to wait 24 hours for the paint to dry.

The reason why this happened is that the primer and paint isn't cured. This takes some time. Also, with metal doors the primer and paint is sitting on top of a smooth surface and doesn't penetrate. This slows down the curing process a little.