How frequent to paint?

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

On the average, how often should one repaint the exterior of a house in the midwest?

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

8-10 years should be an average. But there is many things that will affect the longevity of any paint job;

* What is the shape of your home before painting? Good, bad?
*What prep was done and how?
*What primer, caulking and paint was used? How was it applied?
*What are the weather extremes between repainting?

Everyone of these questions can changed the lifespan.

ericburns4 answered.

It all depends upon the geographical region where one is residing. Let say for e.g. you reside in south, then it's sunny weather most-part of the year and so one can do painting in 10 years while those residing in the colder region must get painting done in 5-7 years.