How is trim and doors charged in a new construction bid?

Andres Vanegas asked 4 years ago

When figuring out the estimate for a bid on a new construction is the crown and baseboard included in the square footage price, or do I charge the trim and door(s) separately?

2 Answers
MagicDave answered.

Neither… as stated in many previously answered questions about this subject… you should quote on the time it takes (for 1 man) to finish the whole job (in days)… then decide how much to charge for a day for 1 man… add paint & materials plus a little over head for equipment, advertising etc…

Crowder Painting answered.

You need to know what kind of finish the trim will be, paint or stain. Each of these will have their own challenges. Plus can the trim be prefinished before install? This makes the work easier.

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