How long between priming and painting?

Worried in So.Cal. asked 9 years ago

My question: I started painting the exterior of my home (trim only) I scraped, sanded and primed but then winter hit ( in the high dessert of So. Cal not too bad ) but too cold to continue and I haven’t been able to get the final top/finish coat applied to the trim. Am I going to be able to finish painting the top coat in the spring or will I have to reprime everything?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Any exposed primer or primed areas will have to be re-primed in the spring. Primer alone is good for 30 days without a top coat, maybe a little more if it is primed with an acrylic primer. Oil base primer gets very hard and slick after 30 days.

Any areas you were able to paint won't need a coat of primer before adding another coat, even after several months.