How long should an excellent professional paint job with high quality materials last?

Anonymous asked 4 years ago

The house is a clapboard two story house and the job was to power wash, scrape and prepare, prime, and apply two coats of Edwards paint. How long on average should it be before the house needs painting again?

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MagicDave answered.

Depends on how well it was done!!! After power washing, did you wait at least 2 days for the wood to completely dry out? What quality of primer? It should have been Oil regardless, not Acrylic… What quality of Paint? Sherwin Williams A-100 Gloss (or semi) should have been the choice! If these products were used and the dwelling is in a location at least 100 miles from salt water (up wind preferably)… then perhaps 7 years… before repainting… max 10 years… BTW 2 coats were not required and may lead to premature peeling… IE the more coats you put on, the more potential for failure…

Forget the many claims that paint manufactures make about paint lasting longer… it's just a sales ploy… 7-10 years max…

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