How much to paint drywall?

Questions & AnswersHow much to paint drywall?
Anonymous asked 8 years ago

New in town been in the business for over 25 years. Got a job to do and was wondering what I should charge per sq. foot to paint dry wall? All suggestions welcome.

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Anonymous answered.

A fair price for new construction to prime and 1 topcoat ceilings and walls would be .30 – .35 per sq. ft. of total (ceiling and wall) area to be done. A formula to figure this out roughly is to take floor square footage x 3.8.

Crowder Painting answered.

The actual price depends on if the job is residential or commercial and the specs. It has been a long time since I bid commercial work. But, if memory serves me I bid .25 cents per on the wall sq/ft for prime and paint. This was for a commercial retail space, one color and sheen, no installed flooring and drop ceiling. Check with your local paint sales rep, they keep up on the goings on with pricing.

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