How often to paint/stain.

Gregory Merens asked 10 years ago

I am a recently appointed trustee in a condo association and we have been going over our expenses, which include regular staining (seems like painting to me) of the exterior of our buildings. We recently had this done – seems to have been yearly or nearly so – and all of our surfaces are in excellent condition. I proposed we skip a year at least to achieve some much needed savings in our strained budget. In fact, I was surprised to learn the the work was done as often as it has been.

I’ve painted houses for myself and relatives, and never believed I’d have to do it again next year! In fact, my paint jobs have lasted a minimum of three years, and often five and beyond. I would like your opinion on the need for this painting/staining yearly or every other year. Like I said our surfaces are in great condition, no peeling or flaking whatsoever. Thanks, and I appreciate your input.

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Crowder Painting answered.

If a surface is in good shape then it doesn't need painting, yet. With proper prep a paint job will last much longer than a single year. Most stains will also last beyond a year, even clear and semi-transparent stains. This does seem a bit too often.

Sounds like you need to do an extensive evaluation of each building to find out what a good maintenance schedule is. This is pretty simple. Write down the condition of each surface on each side of each building, take pictures for a visual record. Wait a year and take a look at each surface and write down any changes. The surfaces can be categorized; like siding, fascia boards and window trim.

I'm sure you will find that some areas need painting more often than others.

Also write down the products used. If a new paint or stain is used you can now track its longevity. All of this should have been done from the beginning.

Bottom line; I would wait a year and see what needs to be painted.