How to bright up living room?

Nancy asked 9 years ago

I have an almost 100yr old house, it has wood color paneling in the living room since the early 80’s. The mirror in the picture has been changed to a white wall. My husband does not want to tear the paneling off.

The living room is connected with the dining room which has access to the backyard, but the light coming from the backyard is not enough to brighten up the living area. We have a big tree outside and the dining area is almost the same size as the living area. I am thinking about painting the paneling to a lighter color or what ever the color will give a nice bright look to the living area.

What choices do I have? I don’t know what color I should choose and what kind of paint I should use.

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

The paneling should be accented a lighter color. This would make it stand out from the white ceiling and walls already in the area. Perhaps a neutral off white color or a light tan would work. This would still go with your kitchen cabinets, carpet and wood trim.

The base trim should remain stained, untouched. Any framed openings should also remain untouched to match your existing door openings. This will keep the trim a consistent color and finish throughout your home.

<a href="">Painting wood paneling</a> is fairly easy. The real work is getting it ready to paint. You can use any good acrylic interior house paint. An eggshell or satin sheen would nice and not be too shiny.