How to Clean a Paint Brush

Shawn Kingston asked 10 years ago

I just got done using a Purdy brush, really nice brush. I just used the brush on my drum, putting a clear gloss on the drum. I was just wondering how you clean the brush now that it has clear gloss all on it? Is there a certain way to clean a brush that has clear gloss on it or do you just throw it away and use a new one? Please let me know thanks.


1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Rinse out the brush with the same product used as a thinner. Example- water for water based or paint thinner (mineral spirits) for oil based finishes. With water based finishes this is as easy as using soap and warm water.

Oil base finishes and brushes require the use of paint thinner. Use a clean can or bucket and a small amount of paint thinner at a time. Rinse out the brush for a couple of minutes, spin the brush to remove the excess thinner, replace the old thinner with new and repeat until clean.