How to correct mistakes?

Kathy asked 10 years ago

I painted my bedroom and realized after that on the ceiling I still have a couple spots that we spackled but not sanded down and also small dried drips of paint on the walls. Can I still sand and then paint over? What is the best thing to do? Appreciate any help…

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Yes you carefully sand these areas. Since there is fresh paint the sanding will be a little difficult. Hand sand these areas with either 150 grit sandpaper or a medium/fine sanding sponge.

The sanded areas might need a little texture added to them to better match the surrounding surface. It really depends on what type, if any, texture you have now and the amount of sanding you do.

After sanding simply touch-up the areas. This might take 2 coats depending on the paint and/or color. Make sure to use the same application method for the touch-ups, example- use a mini roller (4 inch) for areas that were rolled in the first place.